The Atom Tanks

The atom tanks project began in 2012 and issued one album “Totale” (2015), the “Na Bomba” (2015), the single “Diren Kobane” (2016) and the last release “Felici Maniere” (2018). The Atom Tanks’ sound is a mix of ska, punk and other variuos catchy sounds.

By now, videography is composed by: Debitocrazia (2013), Mediterriot (2015), Senza Frontiere (2017), Mr Saxobeat (2017), Venetistan (2018), Weekend (2018) and La Dolce Vita Violenta (2019). Lyrics focus on the main contemporary topics: environment, migrations, gender, psychological disorder.

Clubs, festivals and squats are the places to be if you want to listen to them: Sherwood Festival, New Age Club, Mame Club, Rivolta, Pedro ecc. are just some of the stages where they have played until now. The most of them in the different areas of Italy, from the North to the South: with Alpha Blondy, Punkreas, Mellow Mood, Talco, Ska-J, Shandon, Tankus The Henge.


Music, as a piece of art, does not simply represent the celebration of the beauty and the harmony of the sound, but becomes a tool and a weapon of poetry and policy.

We are the Atom Tanks and we want to use this art as a way to produce “public affair”: we have ideas and not ideology.

Our lyrics involve the aim of the people, their problems, thier anger and even their weakness.

They talk you about a world that has run to far, too linked to its past.

They relate little provincial towns lifestyle and grand global interests.